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Wild streaks: whether her white streak is natural or tapered, Ayesha Toor's style is for real.

Wild streaks: whether her white streak is natural or tapered, Ayesha Toor’s style is for real.

Ayesha Toor has never really been accepted as a fashion model – which btw is a compliment considering she has more character than conventional pretty looks imperative to bridal shoots – but this girl has a fabulous sense of style which comes naturally to her. Caught here at the exhibition ‘Lyrical Movement’ at Photospace Gallery (displaying the work of Nubain Ali, Ayaz Anis and Kohi Marri, which I will discuss later for style comes first!), she sported a very Cruella De-Villish white streak in her hair which stood out like an applique of snakeskin on a kid leather bag. It had bite!

Needless to say, Ayesha will always be remembered for Rushk’s ‘Behti Naar‘ (and Deepak Perwani’s tenth anniversary show) and incidentally it is the very same white streak in her hair that is making her style stand out. Is it real or is it tapered (considering she has white streaks in the video too), I don’t know, but it has spunk. Definitely a thumbs up to retaining white streaks if you can do so with panache.


Many women, especially politicians retain wild, white streaks to lend them style quotient.

What do you say? Should women colour their hair and cover up all grey or should they take age by the horn and look all the better for it?

Photo: Tapu Javeri, FB Zindabad!

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