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On the occasion of the trailer launch of her own production, Baarwan Khiladi, Mahira Khan took to Twitter and held an #AskMahira session for her fans who have longed to interact with her. She put out the trailer of the sports series to be premiered on Tapmad on 5th March and asked for feedback.

Fans who were eagerly waiting for the trailer to see a glimpse of Fawad Khan, who has made a guest appearance in the series, were elated and thanked her for letting them see Fawad.

Mahira, on the other hand, suggested them to ask Fawad for Neelofar.



MK’s response to proposals.



When a fan try to trick her in giving her phone number.



Mahira likes romance novels.



A discussion on the absence of actors from different religions/cultures in the industry.



Mahira wishes to have THIS superpower.



She recently got a hair cut, but what about pink hair?



Mahira and her famous sitaroun wale anday [eggs with stars]…



And she had found the source of true happiness.



About her struggles with social media.



She is open to suggestions!



Insights on Baarwan Khiladi



TV shows she is watching at the moment.



Kill, marry and date?



A book she recommends.



Chances of her in an action/ thriller are not slim…



Check out the whole Q&A session on Twitter.


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