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Best known for the controversies he’s been embroiled in rather than his illustrious career in boxing, Amir Khan is now facing the worst of his nightmares and it isn’t his rocky marriage!

Part of the Australian version of ‘I’m A Celebrity…’, the British-Pakistani boxer is one of a number of celebrities who have taken part in the show, which makes them face their worst fears in a tropical jungle. In Amir’s case, it turns out to be snakes!

While Amir may be someone who can strike fear in the boxing ring, he seems to have found his worst enemy.

As seen in the video released by the TV show on Twitter, Amir isn’t really loving the challenge he’s been put into. If it were us, we’d be screaming the same way too!

However, all was not lost, as the boxer did redeem himself in the second Bushtucker trial, and managed to stop being the butt of the joke that he became after the first one.

We get you, Amir, we get you.