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Our beloved Hauteliers, with the winds of winter blowing in hard, our celebrities decided it was essential to push the accelerator on their dreary red carpet-ry, all in one go. That is precisely why we’ve been running around trying to keep up with all the attention seeking and the showing off of borrowed merchandise of course. We’re  hating because we’re jealous, hence we’re forced to put forth all our wrath at full throttle because everyone deserves a little bit of loving judgment just in time for the winter holidays. We know you’ve been craving it and we’ve heard, and so have our little starlets.

Come sit down, let’s judge them together.


Amna Babar


It has a certain modern-day Holly Golightly ring to it. We approve, you can celebrate!


Zoya Nasir


Cute top, crazy pants.


Hassan Sheheryar Yasin


It’s simple and quite chic, exactly how we want all our boy stars to dress. Thank you for that demonstration Mr. Y.


Areeba Habib


There isn’t much we can say after she voluntarily shows up on the red carpet dressed as OLAF from Frozen.


Mahira Khan


It’s a beautiful piece of textile especially when it’s in one of the toughest colours to pull off. However, we really wish the outfit didn’t look so heavy on her.


Zara Khan


There is a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi quality about her which makes this totally something we adore. Miss Khan Shantay you stay!


Armeena Khan


The proportions look way off and the colour is hideous, however, we could have ignored all of that had the fabric not looked so cheap. Sorry honey, but you’re standing there in a terrible outfit.


Sumbal Iqbal


The Real Housewives of Sargodha.