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There’s good news in the offing for Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor, and they just shared it in the cutest way possible.

Taking to Instagram, the Bollywood star shared an image of his daughter, Misha Kapoor posing with chalk-drawn balloons, with ‘big Sister’ written above them hinting at the couple’s second pregnancy.

Mira, who gave birth to their first daughter in 2016, hasn’t given any statement yet.

Shahid and Mira tied the knot in 2015, and since then have advocated arranged marriages, amongst other subjects which have turned controversial for the couple. Last year, Mira’s indirect statement about working mothers stirred a huge backlash.

At an event, Mira had said her child wasn’t a ‘puppy’ to be left at home. “I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work, why did I have her? She is not a puppy; I want to be there for her as a mother.”