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Sarmad Khoosat and Shaista Lodhi are all set to return to our television screens with upcoming drama, Pardes, that narrates the story of several Pakistanis who have had to sacrifice their family life to build a future for those they love and care for. The teasers released are powerful and leave the viewers a little teary-eyed, especially those who have experienced something similar.

While going abroad and earning foreign currency seems like a tempting idea to many, it is not as easy as it looks. Sometimes, due to financial issues and responsibilities, people are forced to make the decision and leave their families and homelands. Pardes is a story dedicated to those who leave their homeland in order to earn a living for their families back home.



The teasers feature a loving relationship between a husband and a wife played by Sarmad and Shaista respectively. Love seems to be enough for them, however, love doesn’t feed six mouths. There’s an irresponsible younger brother (Gohar Rasheed) who doesn’t contribute financially or share the burden.

Being the eldest son brings a lot of responsibilities and the mother, played by Bushra Ansari, suggests her son to go abroad for work. Sarmad’s character unwillingly decides to go to Muscat leaving his wife heartbroken. The scenes between him, his wife and his daughter are emotional.

“When there is a shortage of money, love doesn’t increase, it decreases,” says the husband in response to his decision, while the wife wants nothing but his presence.



The teasers also highlight the fact that while financially things improve, nothing can make up for the lost time, especially for the wife and children who have to live without the presence of a husband and father.

When a parent makes this decision, they will also have this fear of emotional detachment and not being able to be there physically and emotionally for their children. There is also the feeling of homesickness that they have to bear every single day. The soundtrack is powerful and also add depth to the message the teasers aims to convey.

Pardes is a Six Sigma Production that has been directed by Marina Khan. Sarwat Nazir has penned the script and it will soon air on ARY Digital.