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Announced a few months ago, Sarmad Khoosat was all set to release his directorial Aakhri Station in November 2017. However, due to reasons unknown, the Kashf Foundation-backed mini-series never went on air. Now, after a good five months, we donned our investigation caps and found out that there’s good news in the offing.

The series which features names like Sanam Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Nimra Bucha in pivotal roles, comprises 7 episodes that highlight women and gender-specific issues and are based on real-life narratives.

According to Sanam Saeed – who plays a woman struggling with depression in one of the episodes in the series – Aakhri Station will now start from February 13th on ARY Digital.

Previously, Sanam Saeed spoke to Something Haute about the series and what her role is like.

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“I play a woman struggling with depression amongst other women struggling with issues in society,” Sanam said. “Since it is with the Kashf foundation, it is made for creating awareness and highlighting certain issues.”

Aakhri Station also highlights HIV, drug addiction, mental health of women, prostitution and violence against women, in order to shed light on what people don’t even consider actual problems but are prevalent in our society.