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While hockey may be our national game, it’s cricket that has the power to unite Pakistan and there’s no one who can deny that. And while the World Cup happens every fourth year, there are smaller and equally exciting tournaments that hold the cricket-mad nation entertained. Pakistan Super League, now in its third year, is one such example. We heard Ali Zafar’s official PSL anthem two days ago and yesterday evening were treated to ‘Lo Phir Se Milay, by Shehzad Roy. The video features the passion that radiates from every corner of this cricket loving nation.

“(I have been) associated with Pakistan Super League, something that will continue in the upcoming third edition,” Shehzad said in an earlier interview with Instep. “I am the ambassador for HBL and because it’s HBL-PSL, I’m technically already a part of it.”

Speaking further on his connection with Karachi Kings, he added:

“Because I live in Karachi when Karachi Kings asked me to do a song, it was a natural alliance. And so, I’ve done two songs, one for HBL and one for Karachi Kings. And I’m performing at the opening.”

The 3rd HBL PSL tournament is set to take place in the United Arab Emirates starting 22nd February. Let’s hope Karachi gets to host the final this time around.

Meanwhile, watch the HBL-PSL song ‘Lo Phir Se Milay‘ by Shehzad Roy below: