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Known for their upbeat music, acclaimed Indo-Pakistan music duo, JoSH, took to the stage in Melbourne and Sydney and belted out some of their most powerful Punjabi hits this past weekend.

The music duo, Qurram Hussain, and Rup Magon performed live along with Toronto-based YouTube sensation Shobhit Banwait who gave a unique touch to the band’s tracks with his Tabla beats. Besides their famous hits, the duo also played some much loved old Bollywood numbers.

Earlier, addressing a pre-concert press conference in Sydney, Qurram said that the Australia tour was special in many aspects; this was JoSH’s first tour down under, they were performing with a team of very talented musicians and doing some innovations to their existing tracks to bring something special for their fans in Australia.




Speaking of the band’s origin, Qurram said, “I and Rup met in a college bus in Montreal. There weren’t many Desis in the City at that time. So when you met someone of your own skin tone, you immediately smiled and began to talk chat. And above all, we had found musicians in each other. So, what could be better than this!”

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Rup Magon also spoke about how it never mattered to them that he was Indian and Qurram was Pakistani. “Understandably, in the eyes of the world, it is a sign of unity. But one thing we can say for sure after traveling back and forth of the border, there is unity and love among the people. Sure there are fanatics and misinformed individuals that are perhaps not entirely in love with the other side, but we believe that love and music can ultimately change that,” he said.