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Christian Louboutin has been granted the right to protect his signature red sole as a trademark by an EU court. The decision comes as a great relief to the French shoemaker who has been embroiled in legal proceedings with Dutch shoemaker Van Haren.

The dispute centered on whether Louboutin’s trademark was based on a shape or a color. Louboutin took Van to a Netherlands court in 2012 after Van Haren sold similar red-soled shoes. Van Haren had then approached the EU court citing European regulations that shapes by themselves cannot be registered as trademarks. Louboutin, however, argued that the using a colour in a certain position can in fact be registered as a trademark.

The Parisian designer’s firm was enormously pleased that its trademark was found ‘valid and enforceable’ by EU, adding, “Louboutin will be able to protect a life’s work as the same is embodied in the red sole found on his women’s luxury shoes. Maison Christian Louboutin warmly welcomes this judgement.”



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Christian Louboutin, whose luxury, red-soled shoes are worn by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker,has previously also won a similar case against Yves Saint Laurent.