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One of the country’s most loved on-screen duos — Sheheryar Munawar and Mahira Khan — have been quite active with promotions as their movie 7 Din Mohabbat In is slated to release on Eid. The actors came to the Something Haute office for an exclusive chat during which Sheheryar ended up giving out a powerful message on social media bullying.

When asked if he had message for his fans, Sheheryar said, “You people have no idea how badly your words can affect us. The kind of frustration you guys take out on social media is not acceptable. It has the power to mess with our minds. I’m surprised how one human can say such heart-wrenching words to another.”




He added that contrary to what people think, these kinds of messages do have an effect on the celebrities they’re addressed to. “It does bother us, if you think we are not reading those messages, you are mistaken, we read each and every word you write for us, it’s hurtful, it’s mean. Your words have the power of ruining someone’s mood, day or even entire life. Why would you want to do that? Understand karma, what you put will come back to you.”

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Sheheryar urged everyone to be positive and say nice things to each other instead of pulling each other down all the time. “Social media trolling has caused suicides. Imagine the effect it would have on you when you say something bad to someone, so please guys, be a better person , say good things or just don’t say anything at all, if you meet someone at home or work  give them a compliment,  it will make a difference trust me!”

Well, we absolutely agree with him! How about be nice and spread kindness? Think about it. We promise the world and your life will be way better.