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The Marvel Universe is soon to launch its first Muslim-American superhero by the name of Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan. The character was launched in comic books back in 2013 and her cool powers include the ability to change shape. She is said to be a staunch devotee of Captain Marvel, therefore gives herself the code-name of Ms Marvel after discovering her own superpowers.

Kamala comes from a Pakistani background, which in some way clearly indicates that she has struggled with her life outside the confines of her home but there have also been problems with her near and dear ones. Her brother is very conservative and her mother is forever paranoid about her getting pregnant if she gets too close to boys. Her father, on the other hand, is adamant about her becoming a doctor.

In an interview with The Times, G Willow Wilson, who co-created the character with Ian Herring, expressed, “It was really important for me to portray Kamala as someone who is struggling with her faith. It’s about the universal experience of all American teenagers feeling kind of isolated and finding what they are through the lens of being a Muslim-American.”

Kamala Khan will become a prominent figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was confirmed.

Buzz is that fans are rooting for Priyanka Chopra to take up the role in the feature film but we’d like to protest and say that a Pakistani-Muslim actor can portray a Pakistani-Muslim character much more effectively. Marvel should be looking this way because, we repeat, a Pakistani actor should be cast as a Pakistani character!

Here are our top 3 recommendations…

1. Mahira Khan



Being an internationally acclaimed actor, we feel Mahira will be a good choice even though playing a roughie will be challenging for her. But given her experience and international exposure, we’re sure she’ll manage


2. Meesha Shafi


Meesha has the spunk we need to see in a superhero and we all know she’s a real badass when it comes to her personality. And since her good friend Riz Ahmed has co-offered to write a script, this may be a possibility!


3. Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed has the acting prowess and the athletic physique to pull off a character like Ms Marvel. She would be perfect for the role!


What more could we ask for than to have a Marvel character played by a Pakistani female actor. What do you guys think?