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Amitabh Bachchan likes to call his fans his “extended family” (Ef) and says that he would rather spend time with them and on work, than pay attention to trolls and abuses.

Here’s what happened. The 75-year-old megastar writes a daily blog Tumblr blog: Bachchan Bol, in which he expresses his thoughts and experiences. It’s not always as well-received as expected and has been subject to trolling of late. His well-wishers warned him of the trolling, to which he responded in yet another post.

“A concerned Ef warns me of extensive ‘trolls’ on the platforms and warns me to be discreet and attentive to what I may say on social media, for the ugliness of the disreputable, affects him, and he urges me to be of care,” he wrote.



“Yes, I care. Yes, I know of the abuse and yes, I wish they be of greater intensity towards me for then it forms an unattainable mindset for even greater achieving attention given to such translates into what the troller actually wanted – notice,” he explained.

“I have no time for abuse… I have time for my work, for my Ef and this Blog… I do not have time to attend to abuse. I love it actually, for it provokes me to betterment. (It) provokes me to get bigger and vastly improve my self, my demeanour, my standing and my dignity,” he added.

Big B says he is “grateful to them” for they drive him to be better and work with a better-enlightened mind.

He further stated, “My love to all. And if any of you would wish to bring me abuse and falsehood, I shall welcome it with open arms.”

We love Amitach Bachchan’s attitude. You have to develop a thick skin when you’re in the business and to let negativity bounce off it can be the biggest favour you do for yourself.