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Zeb Bangash, a celebrated voice in Pakistan and a distinctive South Asian artist, captivated the audience at New York’s Times Square during Reckoning by Pakistani American artist Shahzia Sikander. The first Pakistani female singer to perform at this iconic site, Zeb’s classically trained voice effortlessly blended with traditional melodies alongside performers Du Yun and Eddi Kwon.

Witnessed by 200,000 people during the Midnight Moment, this digital art initiative showcased Zeb’s music on Times Square’s electric billboards, merging with Sikander’s artwork to create a contemplative moment and a milestone for Pakistani arts. As one of the few South Asian women to perform at the square without corporate backing, Zeb’s presence in the music world continues to grow, inspiring a global audience. This historic event highlights the global acknowledgment of South Asian music and stands as a significant achievement for female musicians in the region, garnering recognition in South Asian publications.

The Unstoppable ZebZeb Bangash, known for her versatile voice and innovative approach to blending traditional perspectives into popular music, has left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Beyond lending her voice to iconic OSTs and film songs in Pakistan and India, she has paid tribute to legends like Lata Mangeshkar and presented original compositions like Ay Rahe-Haq Kay Shaheedon and Shaheen O Mahi.

Additionally, she came up with a lovely collection of folk songs celebrating the culture of the plain called Vehrha sessions.

In addition to commercial and commissioned projects, Zeb seamlessly expresses her unique perspective as an independent artist. Co-founding Zeb and Haniya marked the beginning of her journey, leading to global recognition with 2008 album Chup. After that, hits like Chal Diye, Bibi Sanam Janam, Rona Chorh Diya and Paimona emerged. Besides being the main voice for the band she co-composed originals as well as reimagined old tunes from Turkey and Afghanistan.

Zeb embarked on her solo career in 2014 and initiated the Brooklyn-based project Sandaraa, which unites artists from diverse backgrounds. Guided by Ustad Naseeruddin Saami, she persistently delves into her musical roots, immersing herself in the study of Eastern Classical music. Her notable achievements as a solo artist in Coke Studio and Pepsi Battle of the Bands encompass hits such as Aaja Re Moray Saiyyan, Dilruba Na Raazi, and her exceptional rendition of the Kashmiri song Roshe.

In 2016 critically acclaimed Bollywood film Lipstick Under My Burkha went on to win Eighteenth International Cinema awards, making her the first Pakistani musician to work as a music director in Bollywood. She won both Lux Style Award and HUM Award in 2016 for the song Yar-e-Mann (Diyar-e-Dil).

Zeb’s exceptional talent lies in her ability to sing in a variety of languages, including Pashto, Farsi, Turkish, Punjabi, Urdu, and Dari. What truly distinguishes her is the inclusion of her music in major Bollywood movies such as Madras Café, Highway, and Fitoor, as well as numerous Pakistani films like Bin Roye, Ho Mann Jahaan, Manto, Paray Hut Love, and Verna. Additionally, her melodic original soundtracks for several Pakistani dramas, including Saami, Kösem Sultan, Ek Thi Marium, Tum Mere Paas Raho, Noor Ul Ain, and Kaisa Hay Naseeb, have left an indelible mark. Zeb believes that music serves as a portal to human history, showcasing the evolving interactions and changes among cultures and civilizations over time.

Zeb’s impact extends well beyond her musical achievements. She actively speaks out against domestic abuse and passionately advocates for gender equality. Her dedication to these causes earned her a deserved place on the BBC’s 100 Women list. Furthermore, she contributed her soulful voice to the Saaf Hawa Project, a campaign aimed at raising public awareness about the detrimental effects of air pollution on both the environment and human health. Through her artistic pursuits and social consciousness, Zeb exemplifies her commitment to harnessing the transformative power of music to create a positive impact on the world.

Upcoming Album

Zeb is currently working on her debut album, slated for release by the year-end. This album marks a new phase in her musical journey, delving into different sounds with collaborators Benjamin Lazar Davis and Bridget Kearney from Los Angeles, along with longtime friend Michael Winograd.

Beyond a mere musical performance, Zeb’s presence in the illustrious Times Square echoes a transformative moment for Pakistani music. As the inaugural Pakistani female artist to grace this iconic stage, Zeb not only makes her mark but paves a trail for those yet to come. The journey continues, and with each step, Zeb Bangash weaves a melodic tale that resonates both nationally and on the global stage. Stay tuned for the next chapter in her evolving musical narrative.

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