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Known for her signature soul music, Zeb Bangash, and her Brooklyn-based band, Sandara recently released their latest single, ‘Farz Karo’ which features the poetry of the renowned Urdu poet and writer, Ibn-e-Insha.

Experimenting with the works of the renowned poet, Zeb has managed to give the prose an upbeat makeover with her classic vocals and supporting instruments.

Zeb joined forces with Michael Winograd – a clarinet maestro, five years ago and created Sandara, along with a group of well-known Brooklyn artists. Now, they are starting the new year with the release of tracks featuring the lyrics and poetry of celebrated Urdu poets such as Ibn-e-Insha, Majaz Lakhnawi and more.

“We looked at content that was not only modern, but also that lent itself to song beautifully,” Zeb said. “It was a challenging and an exciting process for us because for the first time we were composing tunes together and putting together original compositions. It was also a learning process because it really brought Sandaraa into a very different and exciting phase.”

Watch the song here and tell us what you think: