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Every project Sajal Aly touches, turns to gold. It’s not just her acting skills that catch attention; her chemistry with her co-stars makes headlines too. Her pairing with Ahad Raza Mir in Yaqeen Ka Safar, for instance, became the talk of the town and while we’re really looking forward to their next project together, we are equally excited to see her star opposite Imran Abbas in Noor ul Ain.

To find out more about the project, we got in touch with the very talented Imran.

“I think Sarmad Khoosat is one of the finest directors we have in Pakistan. With projects like Humsafar, Mor Mahal, and Manto to his credit, he doesn’t need any introduction or further proof of his directorial skills. Initially, I was not sure whether to take on this project but when I found out that Sarmad was the director, my excitement and interest instantly increased.”

That being said, the stellar cast in this drama was another reason he couldn’t say no.

“Marina Khan is making an appearance on screen after a long time and I was very excited to work with her. She is my all-time favourite. Working with Sajal was also another factor which prompted me to sign on this drama. She is a phenomenal actor.”

Wanting to know more about his equation with Sajal, we asked him to share his experience of working with her.

“Aside from doing a campaign together, this was the first time we have worked together. I have always been fond of her on-set energy and effortless talent. I have found a great friend and co-star in Sajal and I am really happy with my decision to work with her.”

imran abbas

“In addition, having Abdullah Seja as the producer of the drama made the entire combination very attractive for me,” he added.

He said he also enjoyed the storyline a lot, which he says is very simple and relatable. “It is an urban story of a modern couple and their romance,” he said. “The story is very simple. This drama resonates a lot with the dramas of the past, which were not over the top with overdramatic twists and turns, and this is what I think sets this drama apart. There isn’t any loud acting, there is an extremely subtle feel to the whole story and all the actors have acted accordingly. Sarmad has also controlled the unnecessary dramatic elements.”

“The lead characters, Khizer and Noor, have a straightforward relationship. Noor is a university student at NCA, who is graduating as an architect, whereas Khizer belongs to a well-off family and their so-called class differences are very evident. Khizer’s journey consists of convincing his parents to accept Noor and vice versa and the drama explores how they both overcome these hurdles.”

Happy about the feedback he has been receiving so far and hoping that the drama lives up the expectations, he ended the conversation saying, “The promos are just a teaser. The drama has a lot more to offer. I am so glad that I am getting positive feedback about it already. I hope and wish to fulfil our fans’ expectations.”

Watch the teaser of Noor ul Ain below: