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Looking back at Lollywood’s yesteryear’s actresses, if there’s one diva who definitely pops up in our minds, it has to be model-turned-actor, Zara Sheikh. After a hiatus, she made her comeback on celluloid in a recent Pakistani film ‘Jackpot’ playing a small and forgettable role. We wonder why it took her so long to make an appearance after disappearing for so long.

However, if you thought she was done after her latest film flopped, think again, because this Instep interview proves she has a lot to do and even more to say!



1. Lack of good work created a lull in her career




Yes, that’s right. Being a pretty face isn’t enough when you also have brains to pair with it. Zara surely proves that claiming one such thing that created a ‘lull’ in her career was lack of good work which didn’t convince her enough to take up any projects. Picky, aren’t we?



2. Solid script and a strong character are a win-win for Zara



“I want to do a film with a solid story, a strong character. Films like Jackpot are great entertainers; I appreciate how everybody’s trying but they need to learn the craft better. A film needs to be made like a film,” says Zara. We wonder if she happened to ever watch films like ‘Cake’ or ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ recently?



3. Working for Syed Noor is like working for Sanjay Leeela Bhansali in India


Well, now that’s some comparison to make. We’re not sure if we fully agree with that but we bet Zara had something pertinent in her mind when she made the comparison. Not sure what it was though.



4. Humayun Saeed and Ali Zafar are self-promoting actors


According to her recent interview, Zara is purely of the opinion that there is a special lobby in Pakistan who spend money only on themselves, making their own movies and promoting themselves. Guess Zara has failed to acknowledge their popularity and the stats of their movies which have been termed as blockbusters.


5. Pakistan fails to see actor Shaan Shahid’s worth 


Zara believes that actor Shaan is not being used enough in movies as much as he should. She feels he is the answer to Indian industry and the fact that he’s educated, also speaks volumes about his talent. A true Lollywood supporter, ain’t she?

Now, we exactly know why she has been Pakistan’s forgotten star!

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