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It’s indeed a moment of pride when you come across news of Pakistanis making a wave internationally. One such has been Pakistan’s youngest VFX artist Laraib Atta, who recently revealed that she worked on the new Mission Impossible – Fallout.

Laraib is the daughter of renowned folk singer Attaullah Khan Niazi Eesakhelvi and also a proudly a major contributor of Hollywood blockbuster films.

The youngest VFX artist who had her first breakthrough at the age of 19, dating back to 2006 in a recent interview with BBC claimed, “Before I started the course, I had no idea what VFX is. What I knew was that it is magic for films.”

“The first time I watched Toy Story, it really inspired me. I was like wow, how is this done. I didn’t know back then that I would get into visual effects but it was in me all this time that something related to art and technology is what I wanted to do,” she shared.

With this mission at hand, Laraib hopes to inspire other women too into taking their passion seriously.

“Back when I started, I was the only girl in the course and the youngest and of course the only Pakistani. The number has significantly improved but the industry still has 70%-80% men,” Laraib further commented, adding, “The goal is to get more women, young people into this and more Pakistanis.”

Her filmography includes big hits like X-Men Days of Future, Godzilla, Gravity, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader and Tim Burton’s iconic Sweeney Todd.

Here’s her interview on BBC: