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India’s COVID crisis increases sympathy in Pakistan, but also warns that Pakistan may be next since both countries have been violating social distancing rules. Pakistani authorities on Wednesday reported 201 deaths from coronavirus, the country’s highest single-day toll of the pandemic.

While several celebrities continue to party during the pandemic without taking responsibility, it feels great to hear a sane voice who talks about following SOPs and being careful. Zainab Qayoom (ZQ) recently shared her fear of being a silent carrier of COVID-19 and the importance to refrain from parties and public gatherings.

ZQ requested all her followers to be responsible citizens and to not “host/attend social events.”

Her statement came as a reply to a fan who asked her why she hasn’t been pictured at any recent social gathering. She responded that she is “choosing not to go”.



“I am not responsible for myself but also for my co-stars who I have to come on set and work with daily,” she explained adding that she doesn’t want “them or their families at risk” just as she wouldn’t “expect them to put me at risk either.”

She further shared that as an actor she doesn’t have a choice but to go to work but she assured those reading that on-set the “strictest SOPs are being followed.”

ZQ also shared that she hasn’t met anyone else other than her co-stars out of the “fear of being a silent carrier” despite having had 11 COVID tests which all came out negative.