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As the Lux Style Awards announced categories last week for this year’s award ceremony, the Board of Governors’ for 2021 met to discuss the way forward (next year – 21st LSA) for the country’s most recognized awards event.

The Board of Governors in 2021 includes Aamna Haider Isani (Fashion), Hasan Zaidi (Film), Malahat Awan (Music) and Raheel Rao (Television). The members discussed ways to modernize and update the age-old institution by initiating critical changes and realignment in award categories. All changes come into effect from next year (2022) to allow participants to adapt and work towards their respective portfolios.

The changes are as follows: Category for Best Fashion Photographer will be recategorized to be inclusive of all imagery and will be called Best Visual Artist to recognize fashion videos as well as still photography. The criteria for judging will include ‘Originality of Concept, Creativity in Execution and Technical Expertise of Fashion Shoots/Campaigns’.

“Fashion is a rapidly evolving realm and with the digital revolution upon us, it is unfair to restrict the fashion visual to still photography alone. Covering the many modes of expression, Best Visual Artist will include photographers and videographers who are conceptualizing content for print as well as digital mediums,” said Aamna Isani.

The Film category will include a category of Best Film Score from the year 2022 for the 21st Lux Style Awards. “In every major film award, the overall score of a film (songs + background score) is what is judged since that is what a film jury instinctively feels while assessing a film and because that has a direct impact on the perception of the film as well.

“Moreover a Musical Score is judged not only on its standalone quality as music but also with reference to how that music fits in with the rest of the film. The jury will be looking for appropriate themes, enhancement of scenes and emotions, enhancement of another element to the perception of the film. The criteria for judging would be ‘Musical Quality and Arrangement, Appropriateness/Contribution to Film Narrative, Songs Memorability and Background Score Usage’,” said Hasan Zaidi.

“The film music category needs to be taken as a whole and for the award to be designated to the Film’s Music Director(s),” he added.



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Best Playback Singer category for feature films will continue to be judged by the Music Jury. In addition, the Governors voted to bring back the Best Video Director category for the current year 2021, in the music segment.

There will be no immediate changes in the TV categories. The Best OST for a TV Serial will from now on be the responsibility of the TV Jury.

The Board of Governors, an independent body of industry leaders, meets once a year to review the LSA processes and discusses the way forward. The Lux Style Awards for excellence in Fashion, Film, Music and TV is an annual awards show that recognizes talent in these four genres with two Lifetime Achievement Awards for Fashion and Entertainment.

Entries for portfolio submissions for LSA 2021 are now open. Head towards and submit your entries before 30th April, 2021.



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