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Year 2021 finally gave us a relief after two years of constant battle with a global pandemic disrupting every arena of life. While everyone started getting back to life in 2021, TV screens and internet are still our best friends for content consumption.

Google has revealed its annual ‘Year in Search’ list and Interestingly, like last year, the C-word dominating the list is not coronavirus or related to it at all; it is cricket again. The top trending searches had a high spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2021 as compared to 2020.

The lists cover a wide array of categories ranging from sports, movies, dramas, and animated films, giving a fascinating insight into the unique trends from the past year in the country.

Now that the year is drawing to a close, take a look at what kept the nation busy this year. Here are the most Googled events, people, movies and TV shows in Pakistan throughout the year:


Trending Searches




In 2021, all Pakistanis could think about our cricket matches with other nations of the world or domestically, as Pakistani cricket team is a constant in every top 10 trending search. Though, it’s a mystery why Pakistan vs India isn’t among the list.

  1. Pakistan vs South Africa
  2. Pakistan vs West Indies
  3. Pakistan Super League
  4. Pakistan vs England
  5. T20 World Cup
  6. Pakistan vs Zimbabwe
  7. India vs England
  8. Pakistan vs England
  9. Pakistan vs New Zealand
  10. Pakistan vs Australia


Trending Movies and TV


Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3


South Korean series Squid Game was all the rage this year and Google Search List proved it that even Pakistanis couldn’t resist checking what the hype was about.

  1. Squid Game
  2. Khuda Aur Mohabbat
  3. Chupke Chupke
  4. Rang Mahal
  5. Radhe
  6. Bigg Boss 15
  7. Money Heist
  8. Ertugrul
  9. Black Widow
  10. Eternals
  11. Kurtulus Osman


Trending Athletes


Shoaib Malik


All-rounder Shoaib Malik was the most searched athlete by Pakistanis in 2021 for a praise-worthy performance in the T20 World Cup.

  1. Shoaib Malik
  2. Asif Ali
  3. Fakhar Zaman
  4. Shaheen Afridi
  5. Hasan Ali
  6. Mohammad Rizwan
  7. Shadab Khan
  8. Abid Ali
  9. Danish Aziz
  10. Haris Rauf



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