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Jalan’s controversial story and problematic plot has been in the news since its trailers went on air. So much so that constant complaints against the drama even made PEMRA took a decision and ban it for a few days. However, it is only fair if we raise these concerns with the writer, Sidra Sahar Imran, who has penned the script and find out why she thinks that scripts like Jalan are still in demand.

Here are a few highlights from Something Haute’s recent interview with Sidra Sahar Imran:


1. After making a big name for herself through poetry, how did she enter into the TV industry?


“I started working in the television industry with Umera Ahmed’s Amrit Aur Maya, a soap that aired on Express in 2017. Then I worked closely with Noor ul Huda Shah, Amna Shahid, Zanjabeel Asim Shah and various others who are considered strengths of our TV industry. I worked on my script writing skills because I was aware it its very different from writing novels and poetry,” Sidra shared.


2. Tell us about the process of writing the script of Jalan?


“I am recognized for dark topics in my poetry as well. So at ARY, we decided to work on a story in which we will discuss how envy destroys relationships. It was not the story of an affair between a sister-in-law and brother-in-law; it was a story of two sisters and how one of them is always envious of the other and sets her heart on anything the other gets in life,” she said.


3. Why is it that we are still making dramas on the same subjects over and over again?


“I believe change can only happen if we broaden our canvas and that will only happen when audience starts accepting new stories. Channels only makes dramas on topics or issues that get them high ratings. We have observed this again and again that we start seeing similar kinds of dramas when one subject gets popular. Channels are running a business here which is based on a give and take model. We cannot media houses to bring change without any financial support or backing from the government,” she added.


4. Why was burning Misha alive necessary for the conclusion of her character?


“Misha was shown as a feeble character and it was unlikely for her to take a 160 degree turn and become a super woman. She was self-sacrificing and when she started realizing that her sister has taken everything from her, the only possible conclusion for her was that she will take her own life,” Sidra emphasized.


Watch the complete interview here: