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News of the Day: Rishi Kapoor was in Dubai for the debut of Khullam Khulla – his live interactive show, and during a long and riveting session of anecdote-sharing he also commented on working with Pakistani artists, namely Zeba Bakhtiyar 25 years ago and Fawad Khan last year.

There were many Pakistanis in the audience and someone drew a very interesting comparison when given an opportunity to ask a question. Remembering the fact that Rishi Kapoor was the male lead in the film Henna with Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiyar and 25 years later he also played grandfather to Fawad Khan, someone asked how Kapoor felt about Pakistani artists and the ban on working with them.

“We artists don’t call ourselves to be from this country or that country, this religion or that religion,” he replied, inspiringly. “Our religion is entertainment. We are the people who want to bring smiles to your face and tears into your eyes. It is unfortunate that these walls are created but we always want to work together and my wish is that I would want to work further on with the Zebas and Fawads of this world. I always wanted to work cross border as there is tremendous talent and that is why we made it happen way back in 1989 when we made Henna, which was my father’s vision and his most ambitious project. We will make it happen again’’.

He closed the chat on that promising note.