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In a world where the influx of online services is so rampant that a person need not move even an inch from their bed, the whole concept of e-stores is changing too and how. Whether it’s the latest prêt or couture, it’s all available at the click of a button, if the price is right. We’ve been spending a lot of time shopping online and these are 4 of Pakistan’s Hautest retail e-stores…

My Fashion Fix

Run by former editor-in-chief of Xpoze Magazine, Andleeb Rana’s My Fashion Fix came as a breath of fresh air in the age of otherwise mediocrity. It was Rana’s undying love for fashion and style, mixed with brilliance in fashion editorials, that MFF was conceptualized. Today, the website has carved its own niche, which craves the exclusive retail picks on the website.

According to Rana herself, their USP and the most popular brands on her website go hand-in-hand as she chooses only a limited number of designers, but those who cater to her aesthetic and their clientele.

What’s their USP: Curated designs from critically acclaimed designers, at very reasonable prices.

What sells: “We keep a limited number of designers because we want the focus to remain on each and every one of them…and that’s what’s been happening since we launched 4 months ago. Each designer caters to a specific taste, and thankfully we have been able to pull the crowd that looks out for these specific designers. So to answer your question, each one of the designers on myfashionfix has been doing well,” Rana told Something Haute.

What makes it special: Apart from some of the most exclusive brands being at your fingertips, MFF is perhaps the only retail website where you’ll find top-notch editorials giving you fashion advice wherever needed, along with exclusively made collections! If that’s not the best, then truly what is?

Visit the site here:

Studio by TCS

Studio by TCS is smart, trendy and offers the latest in fashion.

One of the latest contenders in Pakistan’s online shopping scenario, Studio by TCS boasts some of the biggest couturiers in Pakistan. Thus, whether it’s bridal trousseau you plan on making or just a much-needed prêt outfit for that next hi-tea, the e-store’s got you covered. The website is easy to navigate and very pleasant to spend time on.

What’s their USP: With a renowned name like TCS, one thing is for sure that the delivery and availability of what you desire is brought to your doorsteps in a matter of hours. Thus, the delectable combination of speed and couture is never amiss with this e-store, especially given that they deliver worldwide!

What sells: With almost all major brands available, Studio by TCS’ greatest selling brand has to be luxury pret.”You can buy a ready-to-wear piece or select a bespoke outfit as part of our special made-to-order service. We deliver within Pakistan and all over the world, with the same commitment to quality, reliability and customer service that has made TCS a market leader fr 35 years,” says Saira Awan Malik.

What makes it special: Apart from its worldwide availability, the whole idea introduced by TCS delves into the concept of providing high-quality retail whenever needed. Whether it’s all the latest collections from the runway or the latest capsule collection by a renowned brand, you’re ought to find it here than anywhere else. And the e-store has some great names onboard to they are setting the right trends.

 Visit the site here:

Fabbitt – Pakistan

Fabbitt is run by Anush Ammar, the Lahore socialite who in 2016 became a known figure thanks to her longest running destination/big fat wedding. A businesswoman whose website claims that she is largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream, Fabbitt is her high-end luxury prêt’s website for fashion lovers in the country.

What’s their USP: “Pakistan’s pioneering luxury e-commerce retailer, Fabbitt has always been at the forefront of curating the best of fashion for a global audience,” says Anush Ammar. “Offering a diverse collection of bespoke bridals, lawn, accessories and makeup, Fabbitt prides itself in catering to the sophisticated fashion needs of the modern day woman. In lieu of this endeavour, we are thrilled to introduce a personal shopper service whereby we aim to put together striking looks and physically take appointments to better facilitate the experience of our valued clients.” Using the idea of editorials, style picks, blogs and fashion, Fabbitt has concocted an interesting mix of ideas, which make it a good place to find things perhaps unavailable elsewhere.

What sells: Although the website layout doesn’t make it as user-friendly as it could be in regards to knowing what’s most popular, the influx of luxury prêt makes us feel that the website wants to have a special focus on it.

What makes it special: Apart from the latest in fashion, Ammar’s website also boasts an extensive beauty and shoe collection, which has definitely tickled our fancy. From all the latest Lahori fashion to the best in vanity, Fabbitt knows how to attract the average Pakistani woman.

Visit the site here:

Labels E-Store

The most established multi label boutique, Labels has been an institution in Karachi for almost two decades. However, it was the jump from in-store retail to e-store that changed the face of the brand as we know it. Established by Zahir Rahimtoola, Labels’, over the years has witnessed many changes to the retail landscape, however, its 2012 step onto e-commerce, (made by Rahimtoola and his business partner Ather Ul Islam), made Labels into Pakistan’s first comprehensive fashion retail eStore in the country.

According to Rahimtoola, the brand has always been a pioneer and the step towards e-commerce was nothing but the same.

What’s their USP: “I established Pakistan’s first and premier fashion retail chain LABELS in 1996, over the years we have witnessed many changes to the retail landscape as we operate in an unfriendly retail environment largely because Pakistan does not enjoy a transient population which is the lifeline for retail anywhere in the world; under the circumstances Pakistani retailers have to constantly adopt to changing circumstance to attract buying from the local populous. We at Labels have always been in the forefront of innovation hence in 2012 with my e-commerce partner Ather Ul Islam we set up ECOM an e-commerce solutions & service provider; within its scope this company, designs, develops, manages and operates the entire e&m commerce spectrum; ECOM set up Pakistan’s first comprehensive fashion retail eStore at in 2012; subsequently it manages the online business for most mass fashion retailers,” Rahimtoola mentioned.

What sells: Although much like other websites, Labels’ is also careful in not mentioning what sells most –perhaps as a courtesy to its brands to maintain confidentiality, but it seems ready to wear is all the rage here too.

What makes it special: Apart from having the most experience in fashion amongst all other e-stores, Labels’ precision in providing its clients with a chance to search its websites via options, cuts, colours, palettes, and designs make it the perfect place to find what you might be looking for.

Visit the site here: