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Is it wrong to compare our stars with Nazia Hassan? After all, Nazia Hassan was the classic pop diva, with her musical prowess giving her recognition which extended way beyond the borders. So has anyone come close to her status yet? And if not, who will be the next to reach her place? Something Haute investigates…


 Zoe Viccaji





Pros: Zoe Viccaji is the first name that comes to mind when starting this hunt because Zoe is clearly heavily inspired by Nazia Hassan as it is. That much is evident when we’ve seen her deliver covers of Nazia Hassan songs. Her own music also captures the essence of the 80s, and her voice sometimes sounds quite close to Nazia Hassan’s vocals. She’s also a favourite of the industry, as can be seen by the amount of work she has done with Coke Studio, as well as on her own individual music.


Cons: Unfortunately, Zoe has somehow lost her own individuality and sometimes she seems a little too inspired by Nazia Hassan. Nowadays, when you find Zoe performing on stage, she will by default deliver a Nazia Hassan cover, something that the audience is a little tired of seeing.


Verdict: Unless Zoe works on her individual persona, she will always remain under the shadow of the star and not emerge as her own person, and to be a renowned diva, one has to stand out.


Meesha Shafi




Pros: Now this is the firepower we’re talking about! Meesha Shaffi embodies every characteristic of a true diva. From her quirky fashion to her distinctive vocals – Meesha is edgy and unique. She already has achieved international recognition, having appeared in films like  The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and has been prominently featured on Coke Studio as well.


Cons: Meesha has moved her focus away from music. Earlier, she was part of Overload and created some amazing fusion music with the band. After going solo, she was seen in Coke Studio multiple times as well. But since then, all has been silent on the musical front for this diva, who is now paying more attention to acting and modelling.


Verdict: Meesha really has all of the ingredients necessary to make her place as the next Nazia Hassan. Unfortunately, I don’t think she herself is interested in grabbing that spot!


Qurat ul ain Baloch (QB)





Pros: QB’s voice is mesmerising. Seriously, she could sing anything and it would sound good. In fact, that’s the case with every song she has ever sung whether she’s singing the famous soundtrack for Humsafar or keeping her own singing next to an over excited Umair Jaswal in Coke studio. Also, QB has mass appeal. She appeals to the burgers as well as bun kababs as her sound isn’t restricted to one genre of music.


Cons: We don’t know much about her. What I mean by this is that all the other ladies in this list have a personality and that is reflected in their work. With QB, somehow, who she is doesn’t come across that well. Nazia Hassan wasn’t just a great singer, she had a great personality to go with it.


Verdict: While she is an incredible singer, I can’t say that she could be the next icon unless she reveals a little more of herself to the audience, people will never be able to relate to her.


Sara Haider

Sara Haider



Pros: She’s young, she’s fresh, she is up-and-coming- Sara Haider is so adorable. Her vocals are so melodious and she exudes charm- I can’t find many people who can say that they don’t like Sara Haider or her vibes. She really marked her territory by standing out while singing next to Ali Zafar in her Coke Studio debut.


Cons: While she has a universal appeal, I feel that her music doesn’t. It caters to a limited audience as of now.


Verdict: Sara Haider could very well be the next Nazia Hassan as her charm comes closest to the legendary pop icon. Some more experience in the industry as well as focusing on her music is needed to guarantee that spot for herself.


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