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Zahid Ahmed recently starred opposite Mahira Khan in short film Prince Charming that marks Sheheryar Munawar’s directorial debut.  The 11-minute short leaves viewers with a strong social message about mental health; it deals with the topic of post-marital depression.

Speaking to Urdu News, the actor who has always prioritized his family shared his thoughts about the importance of a happy and healthy marriage.


Prince Charming


“I was married when I got into the industry, and when a man’s married life is settled, he is more focused on his work,” he stated.

Zahid Ahmed is an actor who has managed to make his mark in the industry in a very short time. His strong performances and versatile roles have made him a favourite among fans and critics.

Despite being a strong performer, he self analyses and reviews his work and is not afraid of criticism.

“If criticism is being made for improvement, then it is fine. Public figures are criticised all over the world, the key is to not react.”