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Several reports are circulating about the heinous assault of a female TikToker by around 400 men near Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on Independence Day. Irrespective of what led to the horrifying incident, it has established that women in Pakistan are not safe. Dignitaries, politicians, public figures and celebrities all took to social media to voice their grave concern over lack of protection of women in the country after a series of incidents have occurred.

Mehwish Hayat tweeted how she felt shocked and speechless after hearing this news.

“Yet again, I’m left shocked & speechless. Any decent society should have dignity, security, & respect for women. Seems this doesn’t apply to us. Now a woman just being in a place is provocation enough for her to be groped. I sincerely fear for every daughter of Pakistan. God save us!”



Ushna Shah wrote she is afraid for herself and for all women in Pakistan.

Mahira Khan also expressed grief and shared how men in our society have failed us.




Maya Ali wasn’t able to believe what she saw in the video. “I can’t believe what I’ve just watched. I feel sick to my stomach and I feel ashamed to call them human. This time it wasn’t 3 am in the morning, this time it wasn’t dark, it happened in broad daylight whilst the azaan sounded in the background.”



Kubra Khan wrote that she is terrified for the safety of our daughters, sisters and mothers.

1 Girl. 400 Men #MinarePakistan. Muharram. Am I angry? disgusted? Yes.More than that..I’m scared..terrified for the safety of our Daughters..sisters..mothers. The height of Beghairati had been crossed long ago..but o’the animals of Pakistan..had you no shame? No fear of Allah?”



Mehreen Jabbar also shared her thoughts on her Instagram stories.





Mansha Pasha reiterated to naysayers to stop blaming the victim every single time.

“This whole drama of why was she there and what was she wearing is getting really old and no one is buying it anymore. Sahi se eik hi dafa bol do, we dont want to do anything to protect women and we want to keep stripping you of dignity because we can.”




Mawra Hocane emphasized that she feels unsafe and wants the authorities to take action.

“The persistent audacity to blame the victim furthers our stance..women are matter the clothes, no matter the circumstances/class! The government needs to take serious actions..we need capital punishments. I feel UNSAFE I don’t know anyone who doesn’t!”




Designer Maheen Khan is disappointed in the current government.

“I am now officially not a PTI supporter. If you cannot bring your self to punish a single rapist. If you are not willing to protect women and children ,if you continue to turn a blind eye then you too are complicit .ALLAH forgive us all.”



Sajal Aly asked pertinent questions about the treatment of women in our society.



Saba Qamar expressed we are failing as a society.



Nausheen Shah stated that she hopes the perpetrators meet swift justice.



Minal Khan pointed out that it is shameful for those who are keeping quite about such a heinous crime.