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If you’re a Feroze Khan fan then you’ve probably been holding your breath for the next episode of Khaani, which is currently subject to the appearance of the channel. But till that happens (and we hear you just may get the next episode on Monday) we’re delighted to say that Feroze has been occupied with some high octane activity. He got married last week, yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

This is.



The young star has been cast in the promo for the Mountain Dew Moto Extreme, taking place in Karachi later this month. Details on that later. We caught up with him to talk about action, adrenaline and heavy bikes.

You’ve been very discerning when it comes to ads and endorsements. What made you agree to this one?

Feroze: Yes, I have been very discerning about endorsements but I cannot resist the adrenaline rush that one gets from heavy bikes and their action, which is a part of Dew’s ethos. I like the idea of that rush.

Recently actors and influencers around the world have refused cola endorsements. Viral Kohli and Anushka have both refused to endorse Colas. Then there are the megastars like Amitabh and Shahrukh who endorse everything and believe it’s just a role they’re playing. What’s your take?

Feroze: I believe this all is business and at the end of the day everyone’s making it in their own way. For me this is a passion and that’s why I do anything that excites me.

You’re a fitness aficionado and you also have a love for bikes. Moto Extreme is associated with some serious action. Did you need to train for it?

Feroze: What you see is not all I could do. I could do more. They just didn’t let me since I was getting married a day after we shot the commercial!

We do think we’ll be seeing more of Feroze Khan in the Mountain Dew avatar. And we’ll certainly be around to experience the action when the event comes to Karachi!