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After a video of models mocking actress Zara Noor Abbas’ runway walk went viral, model Areeba Habib has tendered an apology for the whole controversy.

Taking to Instagram, the model posted a statement claiming full responsibility for the incident.

“I would like to offer a formal apology to in the wake of the catwalk video incident, which includes myself and my colleagues, Farwa and Javeria, Areeba wrote. “Also, I take full responsibility for uploading the video, and my colleagues had nothing to do with it. The video shows a couple of girls – friends, colleagues – having their own fun in their own time and space, at the conclusion of a long day at work, something that all normal people are allowed to do but I accept that it should not have been done at someone else’s expense, especially publically.”

The model also clarified that the video was private, however, she still apologizes for the ‘inconvenience’ it has cost Zara.

“Given that the video was private, yet again, I stand by my stance: we respect all women and their craft very much,” she posted.

Despite apologising to the actress, the model did mention that it was ‘third party’ involvement, which blew it out of proportion.

“It seems like this incident has in fact been blown out of proportion by the third parties involved which is why I thought it would be best to take this chance to apologize for any inconvenience that this video may have caused to #ZaraNoorAbbas and bring all this to an end,” Areeba said, ending the post.

Although Areeba has extended an olive branch, we wonder how the video was taken out of proportion, since a new – uncensored version – shows the trio mocking the actress and trivializing the word ‘rape’ in their jokes. At one moment, one can hear a background voice saying, “Rape karke ayi hai, karwane jarahi hai? Chakkar kya hai?”

Check out the uncensored video here: