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News of the Day: We’ve braved the high tides of the international award season and breached the walls of the illustrious LSA headquarters to bring you another scoop, yet again. A very reliable source has confirmed that the theatrical and sometimes outrageous designer, Ali Xeeshan will be handling a very special segment for the Lux Style Awards, happening next week. Xeeshan will be in charge of the segment revealing the next Lux girl or girls, as the buzz is. This will be Xeeshan’s first performance segment at the LSAs ever; the designer also has a nomination for Best Bridal Designer.

If there is anything we can count on the designer for, it would be to put up a grand show and that too under the supervision of another great showman, HSY. These two put together equates to some pretty awesome theatrics. Let’s hope they rise to expectations.

Meanwhile, Ali Xeeshan is gearing up for the grand finale of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2017, in which he’ll be showcasing a collection titled, Victory. Teasers show a child who most definitely symbolizies Xeeshan as a child; infact it could very well be his own childhood picture. Will Ali Xeeshan’s Victory give us a taste of what is in store for LSA? Stay tuned to this space for more on everything the award and fashion season is holding up for us.