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The COVID-19 pandemic has plagued the last two years and been a bump in our normal lives. Not only that, but it has also been a hindrance to the fashion industry as well. It’s time to press rewind and put a stop to this!

We all understand the daily struggles we face with keeping routines. Having a routine is “boring” – it’s difficult to stay motivated when everything is consistent. Some might even say that having a boring routine creates a sort-of negative bubble around them.

But you know what’s even harder than this? Stepping out of the same-old and reviving your spirit!

This spring season, Sohaye aims to be this reviver! As the season begins to bloom, Sohaye aims to use its exotic new collection to motivate individuals to bring back their optimistic energy – with a bang!



Wear your confidence with Sohaye! Their new spring collection is expressive, chic and perfect for the glamorous new you! Featuring a series of cheerful colors, Sohaye enables you to dazzle amongst the crowd.

Sohaye embraces modernity in their new collection, while staying intact with the charm of traditional fashion and heritage. Featuring exaggerated details paired with Indian and Mughal prints, Sohaye captures the aesthetic of traditional fashion.

If you’re in the mood to revitalize the fashionista within you, check out Sohaye’s new spring collection!

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