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29.4.2012: one week

Update: 4/100 pounds lost

Okay so this isn’t exactly the monumental kind of result most people get on their first week of diet, especially when they’re doing the Atkins and they shed pounds like a cat sheds hair. But I am satisfied, especially since I was aiming for 2 and I (confess!) that I side-tracked one time too many. I may have resisted the bread basket at the Pond’s lunch and the great spread of tartlets, quiches and sandwiches at another occasion BUT i did have three Fruity Fire ice lollies, strawberry juice, a slip-up on potato chips and nimko and the occasional spoon of rice or potatoes with my steak. That does add up to a lot of cheats. Plus, I discovered that the Multi-vitamin I had started taking was putting additional calories in my system. That’s my excuse!

So, one week later I am 4 pounds lighter. That’s not too bad. Let’s see which way the scales tip next week. 2 pounds is all I am hoping for, 2 solid pounds lost. Because we know that weight lost is just as easily regained.

Thank you for all your encouragement, support and advice!

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