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“I remember wondering how to get in at the first Lux Style Awards,” Ali Zafar remembered at the show. And that humble disclosure came as the star – who has undoubtedly come a very long way – delivered one of the most powerful opening acts in the 15 year history of the show. He had written and composed a song cheekily wrapping up more than a decade of the LSA’s focal points. It thankfully didn’t offend anyone but did draw everyone’s attentions to the lyrics and obsession with ‘who’s the biggest star’?

The best thing about Ali Zafar is, and we have it from professionals who work with him, that he gives back to the system that he credits for bringing him where he is today. He’s willing to put his experience and star power back in the industry to help it grow a little more. Unlike many others who demand huge contracts for an appearance at shows like this, Ali makes himself available and affordable when it comes to boosting platforms in Pakistan. He’s generous that way.

Here’s the first one minute of his performance. You’ll love the whole song; don’t forget to tune in when the show airs later this month!


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