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21-year-old model turned actor Khushhal Khan has taken the industry by storm. Despite having no connections in the industry, he’s made it this far solely on merit. He has proven to be a phenomenal model as well as an actor. We’ve seen this young talent in 4 dramas and predict that he’ll go a long, long way.

In conversation with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, Khushhal spoke at length about his personal and professional life, so far. His determination to achieve his goal makes him an inspiration for many, however, he shared that while growing up, he was inspired by Shah Rukh Khan.


Kushhal Khan and Aamna Isani


In the year 2020 he started as a model and believes that it has been great. “2020 has been a great year for me. Back in 2018, in fact, even 2017, I was trying my luck into acting and modeling but it wasn’t happening. I prayed to God to do whatever was best for me,” shared the rising star who despite proving to be a fantastic model, always wanted to be an actor eventually.

He has also become an internet crush after getting featured in Delhi-based designer Abhinav Mishra’s campaign.

“Growing up I was allowed to watch mostly 3 movies which were Tare Zameen Pe, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum and Kal Ho Na Ho,” he shared adding that his mother was a Bollywood fan. “My father was a big Shah Rukh Khan fan and he used to watch it. So that came into me too,” he said explaining how he became a Shah Rukh Khan fan too.  “I wanted to become an actor since childhood. So, I used to take part in school plays and events and all.”

The star shared that his parents thought it was just a childhood dream that would fade out with time, but his desire to become an actor only grew. “It makes me happy to be in front of the camera.”

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