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Queen of Pakistani music and now a phenomenal actor, Hadiqa Kiani, has surpassed all our expectations with her back to back critically acclaimed and loved drama serials, Raqeeb Se and Dobara. Like music, she has put her heart and soul in acting and that shows on the screen.

In a very personal tête-à-tête with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, Hadiqa Kiani reflected on the past, present and future of her music. She talked about her life as a single woman and mother, and finding herself in her characters on TV, her dramas and upcoming projects.

“At a time when female musicians weren’t given as much respect by the society, I convinced my brother slowly that I wanted to pursue this path. I told him that I wanted to sing my own songs and very fearfully I gave Lala (her brother) my debut song Jeevan ki rah mein, Khushboo ki chah mein… Hum ko ek sath chalna hai. I just came up with the melody and the lyrics. Then, my brother became my strength and we made our own studio,” she shared talking about her initial days.


Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani with Aamna Isani


Hadiqa also shared that she is going through a turning point in her life.

“My brother has chosen his own journey and I respect that. But this is my path and I am not apologetic about the choices I have made in my career; those choices, mistakes, successes, turmoils, heartbreaks, divorces, child adoption, life threatening situations or my mom’s paralysis were all part of it, but this is a turning point in my life because I’m alone now. I have to make music now but what I have made is for myself, and now for the audiences. Now, I am making music which is non commercial which was previously overshadowed by my popular songs,” she said.

When she was going through a very low point in life due to Covid crises, God opened the door of acting for her.

“I got a call from Momina Duraid to offer a role that I really liked. I explored myself and took out all my emotions through Raqeeb Se and Dobara. It was my catharsis. For the outside world, I am this strong woman but they don’t know how much I’m broken inside. I am just stitching and knitting it. I am responsible for my choices and I am not holding anyone responsible,” she said.

About acting, Hadiqa believes that she is peeling herself layer by layer with each role.

“I am conditioned in a way that I wait for someone to navigate my life. I related to Mehru in Dobara. I am empathetic my nature; I feel other people’s emotions. Hidayatullah was a good provider but not the love of Mehru’s life. He was forced on her by her father. Similarly, she was also not the love of his life. The drama is going to unveil a lot more eventually and we will get to know that he was only fulfilling his responsibility as a husband. I was very pleased before taking this project that we usually think of heroines who are fair-skinned, young and beautiful. Why not someone in her mid 30s, 40s and 50s, why not? So, I am breaking the norms.”

What was the major difference she felt while working in the television industry after being in the music industry?

“There is a huge difference; music industry is quite narcissistic. If you want something there, you have a set of musicians and you get it. But in the acting industry, you have to let go of your ‘self’. This is a collective effort; there are producers, directors, co-actors and a lot of patience and time is needed. You have to be strict about timings, attitude, behavior. I believe that I have to be good to others, then I get the same vibe back,” she explained.

Hadiqa can now feel the change after she has been in dramas.

“Earlier, I was like this chandelier that people used to praise from a distance. But now, I’ve entered in their houses. I’m on their mobile phones, on their TV screens and I’m having a conversation with them,” she said.

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