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In the entertainment industry, where most celebrities believe it is crucial to stay in sight to stay in mind, Adeel Husain is an actor who is comfortable with his choice and pace of work. His unique style and strong screen presence have made all his work, including recent drama, Aakhir Kab Tak a treat to watch.

Talented and intelligent actors like him who choose their scripts wisely are rare. Adeel is selective about the projects he signs, however, in an exclusive interview with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, he revealed that he had done a photoshoot for Aakhir Kab Tak ‘without’ reading the script.


Adeel Husain and Hassan Choudary


“I was going to read it. I had the script,” he explained adding that he knew what the drama was about. “I knew my track would start later. I knew inspector Nasir was going to show up later.”

“There was a poster shoot and also a teaser shoot. I had nothing to inhabit basically,” he confessed. “I knew what was in the story,” he said adding that he always wanted to play a police officer. “When I read it, I loved it. And it was a good change for me.”

While many actors believe that quality over quantity strategy cannot be applied in the field of acting due to limited scripts, Adeel strongly disagrees through his own example. He enjoys a huge following and  his presence in a project becomes positive publicity.

“You have to take the risk with your rizq,” he laughed saying that it is a choice and he cannot speak for anyone.

Speaking of future projects, Adeel said that he is working on somethings but cannot reveal much. “I am working as fast as possible,” he concluded by giving hope to the viewers.

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