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It is unfortunate enough that not many viewers will be familiar with Farrukh Darbar’s name, despite his 30 years long association with the field of performing arts. Despite giving many praise-worthy performances on stage and in TV dramas too, the artist hasn’t received his due share of recognition. Farrukh is a classical dancer first and has performed in India and Pakistan.

He played the beautiful character of Jhoomar in Alif and can be currently seen in Prem Gali as Abdul Maria and we will also see him soon in Raqs e Bismil. Something Haute got in touch with the artist to know more about his career, life and struggles in the industry.

Talking about the role of supporting actors in a drama, Farrukh feels that the ‘supporting cast needs to be taken a little seriously too’.

“Supporting characters are neglected always in our dramas. Though it is true that as a story always centers around a hero and heroine but it is unfortunate that supporting characters lead the story forward but they do not get attention,” he said.

When asked how difficult it is to be a classical dancer in Pakistan, Farrukh shared that it is tough.

“Taking dance as a profession in Pakistan is a difficult for boy as well as a girl. However, it is more tough for a boy because we, as a nation, don’t accept it. There was a time when PTV used to air artistic shows like Raag Rung etc where we got to experience our culture but now we have nothing like that,” he added.

Tell us about your journey from stage to TV or from a dancer to an actor?

“I joined theater for training, then performed as an actor and won many competitions but I felt it was a lot of effort, especially when you had to pamper directors. I was a star by that time and was earning enough from my dance performances so then I went to India to learn dance. I prefer working with like-minded people because it is very difficult to work as a supporting actor. Once I was working in a play where the lead actor and I had to dance in a scene and he pushed me aside complaining how can I dance better than him! Then the director asked me to sit on the ground and dance,” he shared.


Watch the complete interview here to learn more about Farrukh Darbar and his upcoming roles: