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In an interview with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, Azfar Rehman shared that he had signed three film before Covid hit the world and everything came to a stand still. Though he is not sure if these projects are still going to materialize anytime soon, he liked those scripts and is looking forward to working on them.

“I had three scripts before this coronavirus had hit us. Now, I don’t know; I think all the producers have run away now. I was doing this film titled Sorry Papa. It was an IMGC’s project, directed by Nasim Vicky, a guy who used to work in The Kapil Sharma Show. It was a fantastic comedy. Then, I was doing another film with Abu Aleeha titled Patakha which was out and out comedy and masala flick. And another film with Mr. Fahim Burney,” he shared.

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“There is no news from these guys; may be they have cast someone else,” he laughingly added.

Talking about what else in on his plate, Azfar shared that he is venturing into direction.

“I’m trying to direct this series of short films for an OTT platform. They are 20 minutes long and I almost have a sponsor with it. It has eight episodes; I am directing all of them and acting in none of them. This would be my directorial debut and these are a little hard-hitting stories . It covers religious and social aspects, desires and arousals, but it does not have messages that will hurt anybody’s sentiments,” he shared.

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