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Ali Rehman Khan has just given a sleeper hit like Laapata that finished earlier than expected without any drags and delays. The drama had a lukewarm start but gained momentum and following within a few weeks, especially because the genre of the play wasn’t pre-defined.

In conversation with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, Ali shared that he had no apprehensions while signing an off-beat script like Laapata.

“I thanked the Almighty to get a script which is different and a character that I have not played before. When I read Shams, I realized that it will be difficult for people to imagine me in this role. That was a big challenge for me to overcome. Luckily, Khizer Idrees was the writer and director of the drama so I had access to his opinion all the time,” Ali said, adding, “Sarah Khan, Ayeza Khan and I were always looking forward to how Khizer will execute scenes that felt very impactful on paper.”

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Ali Rehman Khan

Ali Rehman Khan with Aamna Isani


Ali had great chemistry with both his female co-stars, Sarah (who played Falak) and Ayeza (who played Gaiti). What is the formula to achieve such on-screen chemistry?

“Generally, when two people get along, it easier for them to work together. It is all about mutual respect and the level of comfort co-actors have. I believe if two actors support each other then it automatically translates on screen.”

Ali is working in a number of upcoming projects, one of which is titled Bebasi (earlier Lekin) with Alizeh Shah.

“We’ve shot nearly half of it and it is yet to be completed. So, I’m not sure when it will be aired. Barkat Sidiki was the reason for me to sign it. It also stars Nausheen Shah and Anoushay Abbasi. I haven’t done something masalay dar for a long time so, it is a fun script,” he laughingly said.

Ali has also finished shooting Wajahat Rauf’s next film, Parde Mein Rehne Do, with Hania Aamir.

“This is the first time Hania and I are working together. It is a very well-written script by Mohsin Ali and I was unable to say no to it. It is about the love between these two characters, but it is so much more. There is situational comedy and it’s a fast-paced film,” he shared.

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