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Note: This is a developing story so we will keep updating it.

Nov 16, 00:15 – It’s been a frustrating couple of days for fans and followers of Shoaib Mansoor’s third movie, Verna, and we’re sure the suspense and stress has been worse for the filmmaker and everyone involved in the project. After two days of speculation and news going back and forth on whether Verna will get clearance from the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification), or not, the verdict is reportedly out.

A full board sat and viewed the film this evening in Islamabad and has reportedly cleared it for screening after administering several cuts. No statement has been released by the CBFC officially but this is the situation, according to inside sources. It is now up to the filmmaker, Shoaib Mansoor, to decide whether he wishes to release the film after suffering the cuts or not.

Apparently, the cuts are extreme and have created a matter of concern for the filmmaker, who has to now decide whether he will compromise and release it in Pakistan or not. The other option would be to not release it in Pakistan and allow the uncut version to release internationally as per schedule.

Either way, this is a set back for Verna as it was the year’s most anticipated film as well as being an extremely important one politically and socially; Verna has the power to motivate women in Pakistan to speak up against sexual abuse and fight back. Sadly it appears that this voice is exactly what is being muffled.

Nov 16, 6:50 – According to Dhanak Entertainment, “Reliable sources have told Dhanak that Central Board of Film Censor has asked to remove the positions of DG FIA, Governor, and Interior Minister from the film Verna. Sources told that by doing this the gist of the story would almost be killed. Sources also informed that the producer and distributor still hadn’t got any written document and they would wait till authorities hand it over to them.
Verna was reviewed in full board after some reservations from members of CBFC. It is to be noted that Punjab and Sindh Film censor boards had cleared the film uncut.”

The following notice was released on social media last night: