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After a much anticipated wait for Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna, a huge wave of disappointment and outrage took over when it was revealed that the film faces a potential/partial ban in Pakistan. The film was originally scheduled be released on 17th November 2017, but due to its controversial topic has faced a delay.

In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, Minister of State for Information, Mariam Aurangzeb said that the government has not made any restrictions on the film and it has only been scheduled for a full board review. Talking to BBC, she said that the claim which says, “the government has been targeted in this film, so the movie has been banned” is propaganda against the government.

The minister also revealed that the process of a full board review has been accelerated as it usually requires fifteen days, while in this case they have been given only two days.

What verdict will Verna face after the board review? Only time will tell.

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