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Has anyone else noticed how much Urwa Hocane looks like veteran Bollywood actress Nargis? We had been pondering over the similarities for quite some time but when the first Rangreza poster released, we knew that our observation was not just a flattering illusion.

We really do think Urwa Hocane looks like Nargis. Take a look and tell us if we’re all that wrong…


It’s mostly the shape of their face and nose that is similar so from some angles they look completely alike.

Interestingly, Sanjay Dutt’s biopic featuring Ranbir Kapoor is being shot these days and Manisha Koirala is playing the role of Nargis, Sanjay’s mother.

Urwa, on the other hand, is soaking up the success of Punjab Nahin Jaungi while working on Rangreza, which is being touted as a big 2017 release. It’s the Rangreza poster with Bilal Ashraf that had us impressed with how similar she looks to Nargis.