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When a video garners over 2 million views online, you know that it has really tugged at the heartstrings of a lot of people. Case in point, Teeli’s latest video called ‘Rishta For Sale’ that has really whipped up a storm online.

For those of us who don’t know, Teeli is an online video portal that creates free, video content. While their videos are always extremely popular with the Pakistani youth, their most recent endeavour has perhaps hit the nail on the head. The extremely viral video, directed by Arbab Hussain and Faheem Azam, has picked on a very relatable topic for a lot of Pakistanis: the concept of arranging rishtas. Comparing marriage to a business transaction, two actors, Parveen Akbar and Faizan Sheikh (who happen to be mother and son in real life) have brought to life a hilarious script.

A woman (played by Parveen) enters an office to find a suitable girl for her young son. The agent (played by Faizan) starts introducing her to all the different deals that are available to her, such as the Gulaami Deal which has a blackmail version, ‘Baap ki izzat, aapke qadmon mein,” shedding light on how fathers with daughters are pressured to protect their honour by giving in to all the demands put forth by the son’s family. The video also addresses how bold, independent and educated women aren’t appealing to khandani families because they are difficult to control, a common statement uttered by mother-in-laws all across the country.

But the video also points out the problems faced by men in our society. Unless your salary has a couple of extra zeros, nobody wants to give you their daughter. So while women are pressured to be thin, good looking and obedient, men are supposed to have lots of money to have a shot at finding the right proposal.

Not only is the content witty and well written, the production value of the video is multiple times better than the TV serials one gets to see nowadays.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts!