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With two major films to her name releasing on Eid-ul-Azha, Urwa Hocane has already proved that her star has shone this year and how. Whether it’s the conniving Durdana in Punjab Nahi Jaungi or her upcoming stint with Rangreza, the actress is a force to be reckoned with. However, does she feel that all her films have done her justice? Not really.

Speaking to Fifi Haroon in an interview for BBC Urdu, the actress revealed that her reason for choosing to do Nabeel Qureshi’s Na Maloom Afraad 2 was purely because she was part of the first one.

“It’s a man man-driven film, women are not really playing a significant role in it. I became a part of NMA 2 because I was part of the family that was obviously introduced in NMA,” Urwa said. “In the first part, the female characters were quite well-defined, I only chose to do this because I was playing Javed Sheikh’s sister and Fahad’s [Mustafa] wife previously,” she added.

Although the lack of female presence was quite visible through the trailer and the songs, it seems that the film truly does not pay any heed to have any important characters for women whatsoever.

Speaking about how her ‘inner-feminist’ does not approve of being a part of a film where there’s a lack of important female roles, the actress said,

“My inner-feminist woke up on day 1, and Nabeel [Qureshi] and Fizza [Ali Meerza] were both witnesses to it. I was complaining about it a lot.” Talking about what kind of roles she feels would have been better, Uwra added, “I just feel that women characters should be properly defined and shouldn’t just be an eye-candy in the film.”

With the film releasing soon, it was surprising to see that the actress chose to not be a part of the promotions for NMA 2, and instead was seen promoting PNJ hands-on. Perhaps, now we know the reason why.

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