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Oh darlings, it’s been a tough week for us. We were recovering from the Game of Thrones finale and yes it took us a toll. You’ll be amazed as to how tough being judgmental is.

It’s not easy but we do it for our love of our hauteliers and darlings, as per the bleh with these things, the fashion on display ran a whole spectrum from questionable to tacky on our celebs and of course, the model charm!

So now let’s just sip our coffee and judge these people for not pleasing us with their fashion choices…

Hania Aamir



If we ignore the fact that this look is a bit too mature for her, it’s pretty kick ass on a chic scale. A standing ovation for your stylist who nailed it.

Mawra Hocane



Dull and sloppy, not to mention the entire look seems a little too try-hard for the occasion, but knowing Miss Hocane’s style history things could have gone worse, princess ball gown worse.

Armeena Rana Khan


We like the outfit and we’ll let it slide because it’s probably just one of those events, however the earrings are very distracting and quite ridiculous also honey, you’re a movie star! Just saying….

Alyzeh Gabol



This might be the angle but the proportions do seem quite off on the model and it’s just a bit too “branded” for us. That said it is a solid good attempt at Athleisure and we could totally love it on a good day.

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Farwa Kazmi

It’s so troubling when a model tries to dress like an average human; such a shame because taking risks is all she should do with her new look. The colour is doing nothing for you.

Sadaf Kanwal


Is this cool or what? Take note on ‘model chic’ and yes, we might be referring to a certain other model that might or might not be present in the article.

  • Next week’s Haute Patrol will be dedicated to Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Na Maloom Afraad 2 premieres with a little bit of Eid fashion thrown in, if we see any!