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While all one could see were rainbows and butterflies in the life of the royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it appears that isn’t the case.

Throughout the course of Markle’s engagement to the British royal, her own brother, Thomas Markle Jr, has expressed his disagreement with the pair’s relationship. At the beginning of the year, he spoke up about how her involvement with Harry “has shone a spotlight on our family” and caused “a lot of stress because of all the attention” – but, as it turns out, that was just the beginning of his criticism.

Now, the actress’ 51-year-old half-brother has penned an entire letter to Markle’s husband-to-be, in which he claims that she is “a jaded, shallow, conceited woman” who is not fit for marriage.

The letter was addressed to Harry, saying Meghan’s ‘tiny bit of Hollywood fame’ had gone to her head.

In the letter, Thomas urges Prince Harry not to marry her as she is “obviously not the right woman” for him. He also claimed that Meghan hasn’t invited his family to the wedding, not even her own father; “who does that”.

Sigh! We only hope the feud between Megan’s family is resolved soon and the Royal wedding takes place in peace.