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You would have often heard when they say a mother is a child’s best friend. It is true indeed. Their emotional bond begins right at the time a woman conceives her child and it only strengthens as they go along in life.

An integral part of all our childhood are the sweet, soothing lullabies our mothers once sang to us and now with Nestlé Cerelac ‘Loree Kahani’, we have just found another reason to reminisce our childhood memories. ‘Loree Kahani’ has revived traditional lullabies that will make us yearn for those times again.

For a child, a lullaby is the first form of non-linguistic communication lifted by emotions, rendering a soothing effect that builds a bond between a mother and child and a feeling of utmost comfort in the most secure arms in the world.



Nestlé Cerelac (from 6 months onwards) recently launched the renowned lullaby ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke’ sung by Ali Noor, who is known for creating popular jingles and songs, with singer and songwriter Zeb Bangash.



The rendition of the iconic two-minute lullaby made Zeb go back in time and she expressed her thoughts saying, “There are many precious moments and fantasies associated with ‘Chanda Mama’ for me. My father was very busy when I was a child and I didn’t see him much during waking hours. Whenever he was around, he would put me to bed with this loree, which was my own personal time with him.”

Zeb’s fondness for this lullaby doesn’t end there though.

“Also, Chanda Mama the character would spark my imagination; I cooked up many fantastical stories in my head whenever it was sung to me. I conjured all of those special memories and sang this as part adult, part child. It was a very emotional experience.”

With Nestlé Cerelac Loree Kahani, we are delighted enough to celebrate the most precious bond in the world, which will definitely take us all on a nostalgic journey back to our childhoods when these sweet lullabies were the only language we understood. They were an undeniable treat.

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