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Among the plethora of film releases this year, Yash Raj’s upcoming film ‘Sui Dhaaga’ put their official trailer out there starring the talented duo Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles.

It’s a tale of Mauji and Mamta, who are shown as a couple trying to make their ends meet. While Mauji does fun stunts at weddings that earn him little money but a lot of ridicule, Mamta is the sort that compels him into doing something of his own.

Mauji, hailing from a family of tailors, takes up sewing with the support of his wife to carve his own label which proudly sells with a ‘Made in India’ tag. It’s an inspiring story of their effort and self-ambition, much like what we witnessed in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Guru.’ 

Directed by Manish Sharma, of ‘Zor Lage Ka Haisha‘ fame – which was quite an endearing watch, it’s Anushka’s never-seen-before avatar which shows us her strength as an actor. Varun, though not the same, has managed to do similar roles in the past of a small town man in Badrinath and Humpty Sharma. Both the actors play a very non-glamorous role compared to their previous works and they manage to pull it off effortlessly.

This one, however, has a more light-hearted and amicable feel to it which we’re sure will move the viewers enough to watch it in cinema.

It releases next month on the 24th of September and definitely looks promising from its trailer.


Watch the trailer below: