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LLB exam results are out and Mawra Hocane, who will be making her film debut next week in Pakistan with Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, has a lot to celebrate.

In Islamic Law, Mawra has secured a total of 85%, which is highest in Pakistan and most probably highest in the world, for which she will get a distinction at her convocation. She has also passed with flying colours in Jurisprudence, Public International Law and Land Law. The University of London Bachelors degree in General Law will allow her to practice in Pakistan’s Lower Courts. She’ll get her license in five days, she confirmed in a conversation with Something Haute.

Mawra plans to take up a career in law and she intends to pursue Family Law, which is an extension of Islamic Law, she elaborated.

“Divorce, for example, is too complicated for women to pursue in court in Pakistan,” she said. “The law favours a man. Similar applies to rape or khula scenarios. Our courts demand evidence for maltreatment, which is always very hard to prove. In all manner our laws favour a man. Women are not given alimony and child support and when women ask for a divorce they automatically give up her rights to all kinds of support. This has to be addressed.”

“Yes, I plan to practice and I will announce it soon,” she added.

On a lighter note, Mawra – now Advocate Mawra Hocane – laughed that her court sessions would perhaps go live on social media.