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Mrs. & Mr. Shameem, the ZEE5 original series previously titled Man Jogi, will be released on the platform globally on March 11. Fans were already excited to watch the web series starring Saba Qamar and Nauman Ijaz as an unconventional lead couple and the trailer took the anticipation and excitement to a whole new level.

Directed by Kashif Nisar (Dumpukht, Aatish E Ishq) and penned by Saji Gul who is a contemporary playwright with a focus on social issues, the 20-episode series aims to redefine love and masculinity with all its intricacies.



The two-and-a-half-minute-long clip features Saba as Umaina aka Ummi and Nauman as Shameem sharing a beautiful bond based on an unconventional friendship. While Umaina is the perfect woman any man would want, Shameem plays the unconventional hero who is rather feminine instead of how the society expects a ‘man’ to be. He is mocked and ridiculed for being “sissy” by those around him.

Shameem isn’t Ummi’s first choice for a partner to spend her entire life with either. However, fate brings them together when an abusive man leaves her possibly after impregnating her.

Like any South Asian household, she is disowned by her own family for bringing “shame” to their name and that is where Shameem comes to her rescue and give her child his name in the society.

Ummi is clear that she doesn’t need a savior but Shameem clarifies that the marriage will only account for the certificate they will need to show the world. “So tomorrow, when the child goes to school and needs a name, I can give him mine,” he says.

Shameem raises some very important questions and gives a very important lesson through the trailer.

“Kya aurat ko aesa he mard chahiye hota hai jo use maaray, peetay? [Does a woman want a man who slaps and beats her?]” Towards the end Ummi also shares her views about what men should be like when she screams at a crowd.

Tum sab mard, mardangi se bharpoor, mazaaq ura rahe they. Tum tou Shameem ki jooti ke barabar bhi nahi ho. [All you manly men mocking Shameem, you don’t even measure up to him].”

“The show is a love story following a pure bond that graduates from friendship to growing old together and everything in between,” states its press release.

“Our audiences across the globe are always eager to discover all the contemporary stories that are coming out of South Asia. We are happy to now expand our rich content library with the upcoming Mrs. & Mr. Shameem, a story of two people and their unique love story,” said Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global.

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Saba Qamar, who plays the character of Umaina, the female lead shares that “Umaina is fearless, strong and is not afraid to express herself. She is a true wild child. Playing this role was very exciting and challenging at the same time as it is very different from the roles I have played earlier. I think it’s time men and women are given the freedom to choose their path and not be restricted to play by the rules. Mrs. & Mr. Shameem demonstrates this perfectly.”


According to Nauman Ijaz, Shameem is not like the usual hero you get to see in series and films.

“He is a soft-hearted, caring man. He redefines the portrayal of how an ideal man or man of the house typically should be. Throughout the show, you’ll see him practice respect, love and concern for his family and friends but unfortunately he is made fun of for being ‘effeminate’. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this character, and I’m looking forward to the release of the show,” he shared.

The trailer has completely impressed the audience with it’s story, outstanding direction and superb performances. Huge applause for the entire cast and crew, especially veteran actor Nauman Ijaz who took up this unconventional role and performed it so well.

So far, everything about the web series looks perfect. What do you think?



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